Donatello Makes Door Installation Quick and Simple . . . .

Installing a Donatello wrought Iron Door is very simple and straightforward.
The Door Jamb (the frame around the door) has attachment lugs that simply bolt into the buildings framework. Easy Installation of Iron Doors

The step by step guide in the downloadable pdf will show your contractor or installer exactly how to install your door so the doors hang correctly. Also included is information on how to prepare to receive and unpack your door.

Make sure your contractor or installer has read the guide before your door arrives.

Download the pdf of this guide in English
Download the pdf of this guide in Spanish
Download the pdf of this guide in French

For Homeowners - Inspection after Installation

How to ensure your installer has completed his work to your satisfaction

After your installer is finished, use this 4 Point Guide to verify all is done properly.

Donatello doors are very easy to install and to adjust so they operate perfectly and seal completely when closed. If they are not installed perfectly it is also a very easy job to adjust them. However, once the walls and surrounding trim are finished, it is not so easy. Best to check the work before your installers leave so you can rest easy.

  • Inspection Point 1 - Check the jamb was installed square.
    The only way to check the squareness of the jamb is to see how the doors fit when they are closed. For a double door, check that both doors line up exactly at the top. Stand on a chair or step ladder so you can get your eyes level with the top of the doors. If one door is higher than the other then the jamb is not correctly installed and will need minor adjustment. For a single door, the gap between the door and jamb should be even all the round.

  • Inspection Point 2 - Check the jamb is not twisted.
    When installed correctly you doors will close evenly top to bottom. That means, as you close the door, the top and bottom of the door comes into contact with the door stop at the same moment. If the top or bottom meets first then the jamb will need to be adjusted. Also check the door(s) when closed - the the top and bottom should both be approximately flush with the jamb.

  • Inspection Point 3 - Check the lock is adjusted properly.
    Your door(s) should unlatch and latch closed smoothly and easily. When closed, the door(s) should be approximately level with the jamb, so the seals are slightly compessed. It is a simple matter to adjust the lock and striker plate to provide the optimal operation. Also check that the deadbolt slides into place easily and locks fully for security.

  • Inspection Point 4 - Check the seals and bottom sweeps.
    The seals on the sides and top of the jamb are pre-installed but they can be disturbed during installation. Make sure they are seated properly and meeting at the corners. Bottom sweeps are also pre-installed but make sure they are in place and sealing against the threshold properly.

Remember that Donatello Doors engineers are always available to help with any technical issues that may arise. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.