How to Decide the Correct Jamb Thickness

The Door Jamb is installed into the building first
Donatello Door Jambs have welded mounting lugs to make installation easy and secure. After the jamb is bolted into the building, the doors are simply lifted onto the hinge pins and the job is done. The jamb also includes the door stops and weather stripping. On a single door it also holds the striker plates for the latch and deadbolt.

The door jamb on all Donatello doors also includes an integral steel threshold.
The Threshold makes a termination point for flooring and is an essential part of our weatherizing system - including our unique, integral, dual drop seals (bottom sweeps).

Jamb thickness is dependent on the thickness of your wall.

Door Jambs come in a choice of four depths to fit a variety of wall constructions. The four options are, 4", 6", 8" and 10". You should choose a jamb depth that is suitable for the thickness of your wall.

For a wall constructed of 2X4 studs, a 6" Jamb is usual.
For a wall constructed of 2X6 studs an 8" Jamb is usual.

Below is a horizontal cross section of a single door, showing the various elements of the door and jamb. Note the jamb and mounting lugs - usually there are 2 lugs on each side of the jamb. The lugs are recessed 0.71" below the inside face of the Jamb to allow them to be installed under the drywall inside the building.

Iron Door Cross Section

The face of the Jamb that presents to the inside and outside of the building is nominally 2" wide. The face is decorative and is usually visible. It makes a clean edge to bring the inside drywall and outside stucco to a finish.

There are many different ways that this can be done; including using trims on the exterior or interior. The final look of your double entry door or single entry door can be greatly affected by these choices. Please contact us if you need further advice or help.

Here are some examples of different ways jambs can be installed:
Wrought Iron Door installation A
Wrought Iron Door installation C
Wrought Iron Door installation 6B
Wrought Iron Door installation B
Wrought Iron Door installation 8x8