Wrought Iron Door Dimensions & Configurations

Please note these are only guidelines - you may order any size you wish

Standard widths
72" for double wrought iron doors and 36" for single wrought iron doors.

Standard heights differ for each top shape:
Straight Top - double and single doors: 84" high.
Eyebrow Top - double doors: 96" high, single doors: 84" high.
Arched Top - double doors: 108" high, single doors: 96" high.

Overall size and Rough Opening size: The Door Jamb and integral steel Threshold adds 4" to the width and height of the overall unit. Additionally to allow room for installation and adjustment, you will need a rough opening size about 3/4" larger than the overall unit size. See more information in our Door Measuring Guide and Installation Guide.

Sidelights and Transoms:
Sidelights (windows on either side of the door) and Transoms (windows above the door) increase the size of the overall unit. We can make the unit exactly the size you want, but the following can be used as a guide"

Outside dimensions are in inches:
Dimensions of Wrought Iron Doors

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