Independently Operable Windows with Triple Pane Insulated Glass

Each door has operable windows that are securely latched from the inside.

As an extra layer of security, you can open just the window rather than the whole door to greet an unknown visitor.

Super Efficient Insulated Glass

The insulation efficiency of insulated glass is expressed as an R-value, which is a comparative measurement of its ability to resist heat transfer. Our triple pane insulated glass units (IGU's) are 33mm thick - constructed of three panes of 5 mm tempered glass separated by two 9mm argon gaps. This construction provides an R-value of 3.0, which is excellent for most homes. You can also add a "Low E" option that reduces radiant heat transfer, bringing the R value up to to 3.5 for even better energy efficiency.

Our clear and tinted glass is "float glass" which is method of manufacture that makes for, transparent and distortion free windows. Our textured, obscuring glass styles are ‘rolled glass’, which is manufactured by squeezing the semi molten glass through rollers to impart the texture. Textured, obscuring glass gives privacy, without reducing the amount of light entering your home. In the case of decorative, textured or tinted glass, the inside layers of glass are clear, while the outside layer contains the texture or tint.

There are 4 different glass styles to choose from (hover over image to enlarge):

Wrought iron door glass type Rainstorm
Wrought iron door glass type Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach
Wrought iron door glass type Hammered Water
Hammered Water

Wrought iron door glass type Reflective Green
Reflective Green
Wrought iron door glass type Reflective Bronze
Reflective Bronze
Wrought iron door glass type Clear
* Polar Shield sidelights do not have opening windows.

** Because of the risk associated with glass in moving windows, we use tempered safety glass that is compliant with national and international building codes. The building codes relating to glass entry doors are fairly universal but may differ in your area. Please check with the local building inspections department.