Technical Specifications

TransomsTransoms (added windows above the door) include scrollwork to match the door design and non opening windows.
Steel Specification AISA 1018 Carbon Steel.
Steel Thickness 109 Mil (0.1094", 2.78 mm, 12 Gauge) structure with 5/8" (0.625", 16 mm) wrought ironwork.
Door Thickness 2" Nominal (1969", 50 mm).
Door Jamb Depth Choice of 4", 6", 8" and 10" (see page on Door Jamb Sizes)
Scrollwork Depends on style - usually 5/8" square or round steel bar.
Threshold Integral steel - shape depends on Door Opening Direction
Door Frame Width The Stiles (vertical members) and Rails (horizontal members) are together called the Frame. We offer two widths of Frame, Standard (6" wide) and Narrow (3" wide).
Kick Panels Kick Panels (solid part of the door below the window), are two layers of 109 Mil steel with internal insulation.
Hinges 1" Diameter welded steel with brass bearings.
Lockset Boring Standard is for Baldwin Reserve, download pdf here. We can bore to match any specification on request.
Bottom Sweep Freeze Proof, replaceable, dual sweeps (Drop Seals) provide five separate insulating layers. Patents pending.
Internal Insulation Seamless, Monolithic, Closed-cell Polyurethane in all internal chambers.
Weather Sealing Included, replaceable, molded rubber weather stripping.
Thermal Break - Polar Shield™ 4mm thermal break in all parts of doors, including kick panels and windows. 10mm thermal break in Jamb and threshold. Patents pending - Read more . .
Attachment System Four to Six welded LUGS(clips) for attachment to house framing. Read more . .
Sidelights and Transoms Sidelights (added windows on either side of the door) include scrollwork to match the door design and usually have opening windows. If the sidelights are narrower than 12" or if the unit is Polar Shield the sidelights are non opening.
Certifications All Donatello Doors conform to the highest structural certification - suitable for installation in hurricane zones Windows on HVHZ certified doors are laminated glass, rather than dual pane. Read more . .