Iron Entry Door Locksets, Handles & Deadbolts

Wrought Iron Doors with high quality locksets = unbeatable security!

Choose either a Cylindrical Lockset or Wrought Iron Pull Handles:

Cylindrical Locksets are used on both commercial and residential properties. Each wrought iron door lockset comes with a handle and thumb release on the outside. The inside has a turn handle to release the latch. Cylindrical Locksets also include an integral deadbolt for added security. On iron double doors we also include an exactly matching dummy lockset and handle for the inactive door.
We are proud to offer Baldwin Reserve locksets - renowned for excellent quality and reliability.

Choose from 4 different styles (hover over image to enlarge):

Wrought iron door lockset Del Mar
Del Mar
Wrought iron door lockset Elizabeth
Wrought iron door lockset New Hampshire
New Hampshire
Wrought iron door lockset Wescliff
Wrought Iron Pull Handles have a more traditional look and are very attractive. However, they have no latch to positively secure the door when closed and so this may not be the right option for you. Adjustable roller catches hold the door closed and simple pressure on the door causes it to open.
Pull handles come with a Baldwin deadbolt for security and are given a finish to match your door.

Choose from 4 different styles (hover over image to enlarge):
Wrought iron entry door Pull Handle
Pull Handle 1
Wrought iron front door Pull Handle
Pull Handle 3
Secure Wrought iron door Pull Handle
Pull Handle 4
Wrought iron door Roller Catch and Deadbolt
Roller Catch and Deadbolt
You may also purchase a lockset from another source. Our standard (and free) boring is for Baldwin Reserve cylindrical locks, this boring will also work for most other locksets. For the boring specification please download this pdf file.

If you purchase a lockset from another source, please choose an inside handle with a round knob, as horizontal handles will interfere with the door's opening windows.

If you want to buy and install a lockset with a different boring, there is a small charge and you will need to supply the lockset to us so that we can bore the holes accurately.